Building a Website to Change the World

Designing a webpage to raise awareness about and support your human rights project

Websites are one part of your online media presence and essential for reaching groups of people who share your interests. In many cases, your website will be your first contact with a person who wants to know more about your project or event. Your site is your professional “face” and a tool for sharing information and conveying your message.

Today we will begin the process of using your answers to your homework to design a website you can use to promote your cause or idea.

Getting Started with Weebly

Step 1: Now that you have watched the Weebly tutorial,  go to and create an account. *Your account is free and you will not be asked for credit card information. Write your account information in the space at the top of your printed tutorial. Once you are logged in, use the menu options at the top to get started. You’ll also notice editing tools in the margin.

Step 2: Flip through the templates and identify one with a layout that fits your style and message. ** Remember that you can edit colors, fonts, and the background image.

Step 3: Practice adding text, paragraphs and content to your template. * Remember, today’s goal is to become familiar with the program. You will have additional time tomorrow to further develop your site.


  • You will not be prompted to name your site until you are ready to publish it (When it is complete). You may publish it sooner but be aware that others will see it.
  • You will be able to add images, video, links and content to your chosen template.
  • You are responsible for the content you create. Make sure to source any content that you take from other sites.

If you are still having trouble, check out the Beginner’s Guide on how to use the website.

Links for inspiration: Below you will find sites that focus on social justice causes



Below you will find links to news websites created by my students using Weebly.

The Book Shelf

The Daily News