Meet our new partner– The Giving Circle!

We are exited to announce our partnership with The Giving Circle, an all volunteer non-profit organization based in Saratoga Springs, NY and founded in 2005 by Jefferson Award nominee, Mark Bertrand.

Initially founded in response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, The Giving Circle has since expanded its efforts, working locally with the underserved in Saratoga County; nationally – continuing rehabilitation efforts in the Gulf Coast and NYC Area, and internationally with a partnership team of Ugandans forming The Giving Circle Africa (NGO), to build an orphanage (Koi Koi House) and school in Wairaka, Uganda. The Giving Circle’s mission is to seek out communities in need and connect them with those with the resources to help.

Founder Mark Bertrand led a session at last summer’s symposium focused on helping students become involved in human rights, and participants will have the opportunity to work with him again this year. Our partnership will allow us to continue to offer quality programming to teens throughout the Capital Region.

To learn more about The Giving Circle, watch this clip. To read more about their humanitarian work, visit their site.

– Capital Region Institute Staff